Welcome to spirit world! These pages will introduce you to all aspects of spirit, and the world of spirits. Normally when we talk about a spirit we mean a ghost or entity, a spirit has an energy body, and can live without a physical body.

A spirit can be of lower frequencies, as in a ghost or entity trapped in the earth's lower energy, or it can be a beautiful luminous energy being, free to travel the universe. Your aura is your spirit body, and if you have lived a good, kind and loving life you will have a beautiful aura.

Most people do not see auras, but that does not mean they are not there, we cannot see radio waves or electricity, but they are there. I show clients their auras, spirit bodies, or energy fields on my Aura Video Station.

A soul is an incarnate spirit that is here to learn and experience, in other words a soul is a spirit that has body. We talk about "Old Souls" meaning one who is wise, we are all relatively old souls as we have lived many lifetimes, sometimes on earth and sometimes elsewhere. It usually depends how much earth learning we have done for people to think of us as "Old Souls".

A soul goes with us at death, it carries all our memories and learning, when we are reborn it returns with us, but the veil is down, or in other words we forget, but our previous learning surfaces as our conscience, or knowingness.

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